Amelia’s First Birthday | Don’t Blink

Feb 27, 2017

Watching littles grow is the SWEETEST honor y’all! Even sweeter is getting to know moms & dads, who become friends over the course of their 1st year as parents. As a mom of a teen & two pre-teens, it’s precious that I get to document & relive (vicariously) those fleeting moments. Because HEAVENS, they are SO fleeting! I really love when parents choose to have me document the 1st birthday party. I get to celebrate their journey and it frees them up to just BE in the moment! Amelia’s party was just perfection. She shared pizza with friends and family, played & smashed her very own cake. Well, she ate way more than she smashed and rightly so, as it was a delicious, no sugar, baby friendly, carrot cake! I’ll post a recipe link below!

Amelia’s smash Carrot Cake recipe can be found here on The Vintage Mixer

I think I speak for every parent when I say, sink baths are a time honored, after smash cake tradition!


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