I believe in love. If you look, you can see it everywhere & in everything. I look for it in the tiniest of details... 

I see God's love in a ray of sun sparkling on dewy leaves in the morning. 

I see the unconditional love of my three teen boys when they call me "mama" & remind me when they'll be home or where they're going.

I surely see it in the way my husband of 23 years puts up with my crazy ideas & complete randomness with patience, understanding, and a need like no other to make sure that I'm the happiest woman alive. (Pretty sure I am by the way).  

Life can get messy. It's not about the destination but the journey. Most importantly the lasting connections you make along the way with family & friends. Our one common interest as human beings is the need for that connection. To know that we all belong somewhere, to someone...

My favorite thing in the world is to capture connections. Whether it'’s a couple on their wedding day, or just before their first baby is due or even 50 years later with 10 grandkids... It's the emotions that drive life's journey that interest me.

Life inspired photography. For me it's more than just pretty pictures, it's the connections I build with each and every client. When you step in front of my lens, you become family.  

Thank you!

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